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VARIOKIT VRB Solution, Calgary Cancer Center

Project data

Location: Calgary, Canada

The building of the Calgary Cancer Centre, a state-of-the-art cancer treatment and research centre, is the largest construction project currently being carried out in the province of Alberta, Canada, with regards to the volume of material on site. Once the project is complete, which is scheduled for November 2022, the building will consist of 18 storeys, 5 of them below ground level and 13 above ground.


For the construction work, the customer is relying entirely on tried and- tested PERI system solutions: Engineers from PERI developed plans to combine 14 different system solutions which have been tailored to meet on-site requirements. In addition to the most complex SKYTABLE structure ever executed and a state-of- the-art VARIOKIT VRB solution, a total of more than 15,000 m² of slab formwork, 4,000 m² of wall formwork, extensive scaffolding material and more than 12,000 MULTIPROP and 9,000 PEP props will be used over the course of the project.


PCL Construction Management Inc.

Customer's benefit

  • A complex formwork and scaffolding solution from a single source
  • A flexible slab formwork solution that can also be used to create varying storey heights and cantilevers
  • Optimal coordination, execution and logistics thanks to planning phase carried out conjointly with the client
  • Efficient work procedures and training of construction site personnel using 3D models and 4D timetables

PERI solution

The design of the VRB solutions was just one of the many challenges posed by this project. A total of 36 22 m-long VRB girders will be assembled to form 18 truss girder packages with platform units. The cantilever begins on level 4 and extends from the building by around 9 m to enable casting of the slab above. By carrying out structural calculations, it is possible to prevent system overload caused by tensile, compressive and bending.

The planning phase of this enormous project was challenging, for about a year, PERI engineers worked meticulously to devise a plan that would maximize the efficiency of the construction site procedures. With the aid of BIM (Building Information Modelling), a 3D model was created. With this tool, the individual assembly steps, particularly with regard to the VRB solution, can be presented to the construction workers in a visual and comprehensible manner. It is also possible to use the 3D model to calculate the optimal area covered by the VRB truss girder packages during disassembly at the construction site. The team can also make use of the 4D timetable, an additional tool that provides support with sequence planning at the construction site and clarifies the assembly and disassembly processes for the VRB truss girder packages.