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PERI Canada

The PERI brand was founded in 1969 by Artur and Christl Schwörer in a small town called Weissenhorn.

Since 1969, we have worked alongside our customers to create safe, innovative and optimal systems for their construction projects, no matter how complicated, challenging or unique they are.

Today, we employ 9,500 people and operate through more than 60 subsidiaries and over 120 logistics centres worldwide. Still owned by the founding family, we are proud of our heritage and independence, and remain committed to building long-term relationships with our customers.

PERI serves its customers worldwide with innovative system equipment and a comprehensive range of services related to formwork and scaffolding technology.

Through our products and services, our aim is to make construction more efficient, faster and safer.

PERI International

Our experts are on active service for our customers in almost every country in the world. From this international activity with different requirements, we generate excellent knowledge in all areas and markets. We are happy to share this know-how with our customers. So local insights create global knowledge - for efficient and safe construction procedures and quality results.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

The issue of sustainability has a firm place in our business processes. Product development is already focused on the best utilization of materials and thus the most economical use.

Raw material selection and procurement is carried out in terms of ecological sustainability with timber, for example, coming mainly from certified growing regions.

New technologies and efficient production processes ensure the best quality and long service life of PERI system equipment which, in turn, has a positive effect on the consumption of resources. Delivery and construction site logistics are also optimized regarding shipping volumes and transportation routes.

Strategically-positioned sites guarantee short delivery distances whereby transportation is also continuously optimized through an intelligent logistics network.

From wood shavings power and heat are generated in the power plant which contributes a significant part of the used energy mix at the production facilities.