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Pinnacle One Yonge, Toronto, Ontario

Project data

Location: Toronto, Canada

The Pinnacle One Yonge project is a multi-phase development, designed by Hariri
Pontarini Architects. With its prominent location, across from Toronto’s harbour, the
sleek, masterfully designed towers will reshape the city’s skyline.
The first three phases of the One Yonge project include residential towers that are 65,
105 and 92 storeys tall respectively.


For this redevlelopment project, Premform, is using the RCS Rail Climbing System, ACS Core 400 Self-Climbing System and SKYDECK Panelized Slab Formwork system in order to achieve planned results.



Customer's benefit

  • Reusable systems
  • Deep working platforms provide additional storage, allowing formwork to be stored at the top of the building,
  • Enclosed site allowed wind protection for the workers and systems

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Oliver Ibrahim
Climbing Systems Manager, PERI Canada

“It’s important to look at every aspect of the construction cycle to identify solutions which can help boost productivity and safety.”

PERI solution

To increase productivity, the RCS P panels were built with deep working platforms
which provided additional access and storage area beyond the slab edge, allowing the contractor to store all of their wall formwork at the top of the building, thereby freeing up significant crane time.

Premform selected the SKYDECK Slab Formwork System due to the ease of use and speed of erection, dismantling and cycling. Together with an RCS Protection System, SKYDECK can be used with full productivity right to the slab edge without the concerns of working at heights due to the full enclosure around the perimeter. The two systems complement each other to ensure fast and safe construction of a high-rise tower with minimal delays and schedule risk due to inclement weather.

The ACS Core 400 system was selected because it enabled the formwork and working platforms for the entire elevator and stair core to be raised from floor to
floor without the use of the tower crane and with the minimum amount of labour.
Due to the high capacity and flexibility of the system, only 6 hydraulic cylinders are needed for the task. This reduces the amount of cast in anchors into the structure to 12 pieces per floor, an industry wide minimum. Simultaneously the core system needed to be designed to efficiently transition between the starting low-rise core geometry and the reduced high-rise core geometry without a complete rebuild of the system. PERI Canada’s Engineering department also developed a comprehensive level plus one material storage platform with a hydraulic opening hatch to enable precast stairs to be installed from above, yet maximize storage area in the typical
working condition.

Overall, PERI's formwork solutions offer Premform the satisfaction of a accelerated construction schedule while providing next level safety systems.