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Oakridge, Vancouver, BC

Project data

Location: Vancouver, Canada

The Oakridge redevelopment project is an ambitious initiative aimed at
transforming a large tract of Vancouver's west side into a vibrant mixed-use
community. The project involves constructing over 10 new residential towers, as
well as retail spaces, restaurants, and public amenities. In 2022, Ellisdon Forming
was awarded Phase 1B of the project for the new mall of the redevelopment
project, which involved building 2 levels of the parkade and upper levels ranging
from 2-6 stories with high ceilings.


For this redevlelopment project, EllisDon Forming, is using the SKYDECK system and TRIO TRS column formwork system in order to achieve top results while staying on their compressed schedule.


EllisDon Forming

Customer's benefit

  • reusable systems
  • reduced labor costs
  • eliminated the need to store unused material

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Sean Brodigan
Superintendent, EllisDon

“The use of Skydeck and TRS columns has provided the flexibility and versatility to work on multiple areas on the project on a compressed schedule. The on-site support from
the PERI team has been critical to the project’s success.”

PERI solution

The fast-cycling capabilities of the SKYDECK system were essential in allowing the project to meet its schedule. The panels and beams were cycled to subsequent pours while props, dropheads, and coverstrips remained in place as reshores, reducing labor costs.

The TRIO TRS column formwork system facilitated quick cycling and reuse of formwork at varying heights and dimensions, increasing productivity while reducing costs. The BFD coupler is the only component required to extend the panels, ensuring flush, aligned, and tight connections, which translates to a superior finish and reduced labor time.

Overall, PERI's formwork solutions played an integral role in the success of the Oakridge mall redevelopment project. The efficient and adaptable formwork solutions contributed to the project being completed on schedule and within budget, meeting
the expectations of all stakeholders involved.