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Kathleen Avenue, Burnaby, BC

Project data

Location: Burnaby, BC, Canada

Kathleen Avenue in Burnaby, BC, is undergoing development to include a 
34-storey high rise condominium. A total of 324 units will be built, and 101 will be dedicated to affordable housing. BOSA Construction has relied on PERI Formwork Systems to supply the necessary solutions needed to complete the project on time.


To ensure the project's material assembly time is accelerated, optimize storage area, and meet scheduled deadlines, the site contactor, BOSA Construction, used PERI's SKYDECK, SKYTABLE, MAXIMO and VARIO GT 24 systems. These solutions met their required purpose swiftly.


BOSA Construction

Customer's benefit

  • Limit crane time
  • Recyclable systems
  • Reduced labour costs

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Joey Helem
Superintendent, BOSA Construction

"PERI's SKYDECK System, MAXIMO Panel formwork, and VARIO GT 24 Wall formwork are innovative solutions that have truly transformed the way we approach construction projects. They have elevated our efficiency, safety, and overall quality to unprecedented levels. The unique factors they bring to the table make them indispensable assets in our pursuit of excellence within the construction industry."

PERI solution

PERI provided 10,000 sq ft of SKYDECK for the 5 levels of underground parkade. An easily cycled slab formwork system was required to optimize storage areas due to the limited space. Using SKYDECK allowed for fast cycling around the parkade with fewer workers needed, reducing labour costs, and eliminating unnecessary material from the site grounds.

The MAXIMO Panel Formwork and VARIO GT 24 Wall Formwork systems saved time during construction of the elevator core. By using MAXIMO with shaft corners in the interior, BOSA could easily strip the core box and lift it as one piece, so the crane time was reduced to one swift action. Using VARIO on the outside allowed for more flexibility in the location of the ties. This meant workers were able to locate the ties at any point since they were run through the panels with an incorporated tie hole.

For the slab shoring, the project team used 10,000 sq ft of SKYTABLE to quickly form the cast-in-place floors of the tower. SKYTABLE proves to be the perfect solution for handling large slab areas in buildingswith open facades. Its remote-controlled lifting mechanism enabled workers to quickly move the SKYTABLE to different stories, all from a secure position on the slab. This feature ensures both speed and safety during the construction process.

Due to the limited space on site and the tight construction schedule, PERI system solutions were instrumental in ensuring simple, efficient, and safe operations to meet the completion date of the Kathleen Avenue condos. Residents are expected 
to move in on time by mid-2024.