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Discovery II at Concord Park Place

Project data

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The current phase includes two 32 storey high towers, with retail at grade and four underground floors.
Considering the tight project schedule Hardwall Construction Limited decided to use PERI SKYTABLE system for slab formwork of the tower using 22 large SKYTABLE units of up to 89.5 m² area with average height of 2.80 m. PERI SKYTABLE is the ideal slab formwork solution for construction of buildings
with open facade. The table formwork can cover up to 150 m² of slab formwork, 24.40 m x 6.10 m, using only two trusses. In some areas of Discovery II project, tables are required to be as wide as 6.30 m. The SKYTABLE versatile design allows for the extra width requirement by adding a third truss. Because of high strength of the galvanized truss and GT 24 girders, extra wide tables, up to 9 m, can be constructed with 3 trusses.


SKYTABLE components are connected together safely on the ground using simple pin and cotter pin connection and moved in to position with a single crane lift. The speed and efficiency of SKYTABLE moving operation results in minimum crane time use. The moving operation of SKYTABLE is very safe because the table is fully connected to the crane while still inside the building. The PERI STM lifting mechanism
pulls SKYTABLE effortlessly out of the building. During the entire moving process, workers stand on secured
position and control lifting mechanism using a wireless remote control ensuring the slab table is kept in a horizontal position. At no point workers need to stand on the SKYTABLE itself.


Hardwall Construction Limited, Concord, Ontario

Dan Gregatto
Site Superintendent

This is the first time we are using SKYTABLE. After my crew went though the learning curve at the beginning, we are now achieving a 3 day cycle per floor. My team likes the easy way table components are connected together using pins and cotter pins instead of bolts and nuts.

PERI solution

Moving large slab formwork tables in less than 4 minutes.