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West Vancouver Police Department

Project data

Location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada

The City of Vancouver has built a new facility to house the West Vancouver Police Department.  The new structure will be an extension to the existing Municipal Hall, moving Police Services closer to the community and closing an out-of-date facility.  The closure of the older police facility created new space for further residential development.


The Vancouver Engineering Team provided the detailed design for the various structural elements. The scope of work included underground parking, ground and office level slabs, totalling to a slab area of approximately 5300 m².  In addition, providing formwork solutions for columns, cores and walls.


Smith Bros & Wilson Ltd.

Customer's benefit

  • PERI's SKYDECK system predetermined spacing grid provides a simple and systematic assembly sequence.
Tyler Brown
General Superintendent

For this project, our company relied on the MAXIMO panel system to form the concrete walls.  With our past experience using TRIO, my personnel could immediately get to work with the MAXIMO.  Benefits of the advanced tie technology eliminated the need to use spacer tubes to set tie rods, therefore time saving during setup was observed.  Like always, for pouring slabs we used the SKYDECK system, which helped us achieve incredibly fast shuttering times.  In return, SKYDECK helped us progress on our schedule and cut down on personnel costs. We are very pleased by the level of service and planning provided by the PERI Vancouver branch.

PERI solution

With a long diverse construction history in Western Canada, Smith Bros & Wilson Ltd. partnered with PERI’s Vancouver branch office who supplied PERI’s MAXIMO wall formwork and SKYDECK slab formwork systems.

Approved by the project Architect for its neat panel joints and central tie pattern, MAXIMO was used to form the exposed concrete walls.  Compared to conventional wall form systems, MAXIMO’s optimized central tie arrangement requires 40% fewer ties. There are no unused tie locations, reducing the potential for errors during shuttering.  In addition, MAXIMO MX ties are installed from one side of the formwork by one person; there is no need for an additional person on the opposite side of the form.  Also, the ties are recoverable eliminating the need for spacer tubes and cones.  The one person tie installation, need for fewer ties, and a reduced number of steps associated with the MX tie system, resulted in significant labour savings.

For single sided wall formwork applications, the SB Brace Frame system was used to support the MAXIMO wall formwork.  Connecting sets of panels and SB Brace Frames together, created “gang forms” that were moved as a single unit with one crane pick. The contractor was able to quickly shutter large areas using this technique, reducing set up and labour costs.

Smith Bros & Wilson Ltd. used SKYDECK for the more than 5000 m2 of suspended slabs on the project. Their experienced crews were able to quickly erect large areas of slab formwork. Early striking was made possible thanks to the Safe Strike Drophead; one blow of the hammer lowers panels and beams by 60 mm, while the Dropheads and MULTIPROPS remain in place to reshore the slab. This feature allows early removal of the SKYDECK equipment, and it’s use elsewhere. Further cost savings were realized by then switching out the MULTIPROPS in exchange for PERI’s cost effective PEP Ergo props.