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Ottawa Art Gallery

Project data

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Currently under construction in downtown Ottawa is a mixed use 23-storey tower development consisting of the ArtHaus Condos and Le Germain Hotel.  Adjacent to the new development is an expansion to the Ottawa Art Gallery.


A range of PERI wall and slab formwork systems was used to form the various structural elements on the project.


Synergy Formwork

Customer's benefit

  • SKYDECK corner platform tables, safely formed around the open slab edges. Eliminating the need of erecting scaffolding shoring towers.
  • MULTIPROP slab props carry higher loads compared to steel tube props and are made of aluminium, ensuring easy and simple handling.
Robin Meloche
Technical Manager

We've worked with various other formwork systems.  PERI, by far, has the most efficient and cost saving systems. The learning curve is smooth and new workers are able to learn quickly. MULTIPROP was the most beneficial element throughout this project.

PERI solution

A mix of TRIO and MAXIMO provided an optimum combination of panel sizes, thus giving the customer flexibility to adapt to varying structural dimensions across the site.  This also meant that the equipment could be cycled throughout the project, reducing the total material required on site.

For the typical floor slabs, SKYDECK offered a safe, fast and effective forming solution. The systematic erection and striking of the system provides significant labour savings over traditional slab formwork, lending itself to cycling between multiple pours.

Elsewhere, PERI’s design team faced a unique challenge from the transfer slabs located throughout the lower floors of the superstructure.  In some areas the slab ranged between 2.0 m and 2.8 m thick, and the multiple beam sizes and directions made for a complex geometry.  In these areas, MULTIPROP in combination with MPB24 Aluminum Beams and GT24 Girders accommodated the high loads associated with thicker slabs, while the 600 mm and 300 mm length increments of the main and secondary beams allowed the formwork to conform to the various shapes of the structure.

At the fifth floor of the structure, there was a section of cantilever slab that that required temporary support during the concrete pouring and curing phases of construction.  To achieve this, a 17 m high MULTIPROP shoring tower was erected.  Stacking the MULTIPROPS is made simple by using the MPV-2 Connector; props are laid out horizontally on the ground (no working at height required), the connector is placed between them, and with a turn of the integral handle the props become securely fixed together. There is no fixing of nuts and bolts required, and complete towers can be craned into position in one lift.