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Brentwood Mall

Project data

Location: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

The Brentwood Mall is a shopping complex in Burnaby BC.  The Brentwood redevelopment plan aims to make it a signature destination with an urban feel that will support sustainable lifestyles where people can shop, work, live and play. It will house 102,000 m² of retail space, 46,500 m² of offices, and high-rise residential towers.

Due to a strict construction schedule, concrete pours needed to be large while material had to be moved
quickly and easily. PERI designed and supplied a modified version of the new VARIODECK system, a table form system utilizing SRU Walers as main beams. The GT 24 Girder was used as a secondary beam instead of the VT 20; the greater strength of the GT 24 reduced deflections and offered the client greater reutilization opportunities on future VARIO wall projects. At the first level the shoring height was nearly 7 m. The VARIODECK tables were supported by a combination of stacked MULTIPROPS and PERI UP Scaffolding; where other systems may have required changing out one size of prop for another in order to accommodate the varying heights of shoring, the simple stacking of components allowed the same VARIODECK formwork to be used across multiple levels of the structure. This allowed the system to be highly utilized, and provided the customer additional savings in labour and shipping costs.  

For infill areas between tables, the use of small runs of SKYDECK meant that additional plywood, and the high cost of labor associated with custom fabrication, were kept to an absolute minimum. This, coupled with the quick-strike mechanism of the SKYDECK Drophead and the VARIODECK Table solution, allowed for quick cycling between concrete pours. 



Only four basic table sizes were used to quickly and efficiently form concrete slabs. On this project, PERI supplied loose material for the contractor to assemble on site. However, if available space is limited, PERI offers an assembly service for the VARIODECK system whereby tables are pre-assembled before delivery. Tables are stacked flat for transportation, with the VARIODECK head pre-attached. Upon arrival on-site, the tables can be offloaded, props attached, and tables positioned very quickly. Table tops can be supported by only four MULTIPROPS or PEP Ergo Props.  



Syber Concrete Forming Ltd.

Steve Beaton
President -Owner

With the support of the sales representative and PERI’s design team we were able to utilize  the very efficient VARIODECK tables. In combination with PERI UP we are re-using the table tops on the high shoring, which speeds up our schedule. I’m using more than just one PERI system  due to the adaptability between each system.

PERI solution

The lightweight table system can be moved and positioned using PERI’s electric Table Lift Truck. This provides fatigue-free and comfortable working procedures, while also freeing up the crane to be used elsewhere on site. Tables with weight of up to 1250kg can be maneuvered in this way.