VARIOKIT Heavy Duty Tower VST

Shoring system for very large loads in bridge constructions as well as for special applications in industrial construction
VARIOKIT Heavy-Duty Shoring Towers as a temporary supporting structure during the assembly of a steel hall at an airport terminal.
These 23,60 m high heavy-duty shoring towers each carry loads of over 200 t. 10 m high tower sections were pre-assembled which accelerated the construction process.
Load-bearing: VST Heavy-Duty Shoring Towers on the basis of the VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit safely carry up to 700 kN per leg.
Load bearing of an arc at great height with PERI VST heavy-duty towers.
With VARIOKIT core and system components, heavy-duty shoring towers and wide-span lattice girders can be systematically assembled.
The heavy shoring tower can also be easily raised and lowered when loaded – thanks to the head spindle and mobile hydraulics.
VARIOKIT is compatible with the PERI UP scaffold system. As a result, this allows the required access points and working platforms to be quickly and safely erected.


The VST Heavy Duty Shoring Tower serves as shoring and is used in projects that require the central transfer of large loads. It can be erected and used either as an individual tower, main beam or birdcage scaffolding.

Fast assembly

with bolted connections and pre-assembled tower segments up to 10 m

Simple height adjustment

through moving hydraulics with which the head spindle can be operated when under full load

Cost-effective solution

as all system components are available in the PERI rental parks

Technical Details

  • For 4-legged towers, towers with additional legs, shoring tower frames, main beam frames and birdcage scaffolding
  • For leg loads of up to 700 kN
  • Standard applications up to 40 m high
  • With the staggered lengths of the RCS Rails, two spacers along with the head spindle allow all heights to be continuously realized


Through the incorporation of standardized system components, it is possible to create various shoring systems:

4-leg towers 

Dimensions of 2 m x 2 m in its standard configuration. Or in each statically required dimension up to a max. of 6.50 m x 6.50 m

Towers with additional legs 

In areas that have to bear heavy loads, the load-bearing capacity can be doubled in-situ through the use of additional legs.

Birdcage scaffold 

By connecting individual shoring tower frames, it is also possible to increase the cross-sectional stiffness in the second direction.

Main beam frames 

In the area of abutments and piers, the system can also be implemented as main beam frames up to a height of 10 m, but only with the head support.