SB Brace Frame

SB Stützbock: Zuverlässiges Betonieren von einhäuptigen Wänden bis 8,75 m Höhe.
The PERI SB brace frame is used with high vertical loads of large geometrical dimensions. The modular structure is a big advantage both with vertical formwork as well as when using horizontal platforms.
SB-A0, -A, -B, -C for concreting heights up to 8.75 m with TRIO formwork.
Reliable load transfer for single-sided forming operations up to 8.75 m high


SB Brace Frames transfer the fresh concrete pressure into the sub-structure and foundations during single-sided concreting of structural elements. It can be used with all PERI wall formwork systems. In addition, SB Brace Frames can be used as horizontal heavy-duty brackets.

Very versatile use
with all PERI wall formwork as well as horizontal heavy-duty brackets

Quickly connected without additional components
as all required connection parts are already mounted on the Brace Frame

Easy to transport
through matching the individual component geometries to suit truck and container dimensions