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PERI Climbing Technology

40 years of experience in automatic climbing formwork for the building core and building facade.

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RCS Rail Climbing System

Modular construction system for a wide range of applications in climbing technology.

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ACS Self-Climbing System

Safely moved upwards with hydraulic drive without a crane.

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PERI Services

Customer-specific solutions – implemented in partnership

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PERI Climbing Technology

The experience of 40 years of construction technology

PERI delivers the right climbing formwork solution across the entire architectural spectrum. For both crane-lifted and crane-independent solutions, the principle is always the same: a high degree of safety, combined with ease of use. The right PERI solution is key in obtaining a fast construction workflow.

The modular PERI ACS Automatic Climbing System and RCS Rail Climbing System are products resulting from modern engineering expertise and efficiency and are based on the experience gained through numerous successfully completed projects.

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      Self-Climbing Technology

RCS Rail Climbing System

The universal climbing solution for external walls, cores and perimeter enclosures.


Safe rail-guided procedure
The moving unit is connected at all times to the building by means of a climbing shoe

Flexible mounting
The climbing shoe can be attached to the walls as well as slab edges

Variable assembly
Due to the 125 mm hole arrangement of the climbing rails, the platforms can be optimally adapted to suit the respective storey heights

Technical Details

  • Rail-guided, safe climbing procedure for wall formwork, working platforms and enclosures
  • 125 mm hole arrangement in the rails for aligning the platforms to suit the height of the storey
  • Optional self-climbing in 50 cm increments with mobile self-climbing devices
  • Compatible with components of the VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit

System Variations

RCS P Climbing Protection Panel and Guardrails
enclosure and guardrails provide gap-free protection for work carried out on the building shell floors

RCS C Formwork Scaffolding
as standard use for supporting wall formwork for storey heights of 2.70 m to 4.50 m; with carriage (90 cm retraction distance)

RCS climbing components combined with LPS screens provide an alternative to completely enclosed protection.

ACS Self-Climbing System

The efficient self-climbing solution for high-rise cores.


Crane-independent, quick working operations
Shuttering, striking and hydraulic climbing in a very fast work rhythm (fast cycle times)

Work safely in all weather conditions
Comfortably-designed platforms with enclosures protect site personnel against wind and weather

Stable working platforms
Working platforms can accommodate high loads arising from material storage or placing boom masts

Technical Details

  • Rail-guided, safe climbing procedure without a crane
  • Positively-driven and smooth climbing
  • 0.4 m/min effective climbing speed
  • Climbing can take place outside of normal working hours thanks to the almost silent climbing hydraulics
  • Weather-independent working operations with enclosed working platforms
  • Climbing shoes and anchor types optimized for project-specific factors such as building structure, load, wall thickness and required concrete strength
  • Large climbing units reduce the number of lost anchor components

System Variations

  • ACS R Self-Climbing System 

    standard system with carriage and open formwork at the top for easy installation of the reinforcement

    ACS P Platform System 

    for high-rise building cores constructed in advance and tower-like structures with generously-sized storage and working areas

    ACS G Realization with Gallows 

    for concreting walls and slabs in one pour or for circular structures; both formwork sides are attached to the cantilevered gallows

    ACS V Adjustable Version

    for inclined structures such as bridge pylons or piers, with platforms always in a horizontal position

    ACS S Shaft Formwork 

    for stairways or small elevator shafts with a single climbing device positioned in the centre

    ACS C Core Formwork 

    for moving large-sized core formwork core including concrete placing boom and site equipment

PERI Services

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Hydraulic Climbing Specialists are your point of contact for all climbing projects and site support. Located in Eastern and Western Canada, we are here when you need us.

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