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Alberta Boot

Project data

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Construction of the new Residence Inn by Marriott recently began on the site of the former Alberta Boot Company. Once operational, the new Residence Inn will be one of the largest in the world and the biggest in Canada, marking Calgary as one of Canada’s most important business centres; it will transform the city skyline.


The development consists of two towers; one for residential use, and the second will serve as a hotel. Located in downtown Calgary, special considerations were made due to the limited space for material storage since the entire site was being fully developed.  Being located in a busy pedestrian area, and in close proximity to the nearby railway, extra safety precautions were required. RCS protection screens were used around the perimeter of the structure to eliminate the potential for falling debris, protecting both pedestrians and the railway below.  The screens also act as fall protection and weather protection for site personnel, and are utilized for highly visible advertising. 



Elite Formwork Inc.

Customer's benefit

  • RCS P panels climbing into position, complete with visible advertising on the extiror of the building.
  • With the ACS Core 400, the core unit self climbs independant of the crane.
Jeff Hart

The RCS and ACS Core 400 self-climbing systems were perfect for a busy downtown site, where public safety is a major concern. The RCS protection panels were excellent at reducing fall hazards to the workers and ensuring that all materials stayed secured in the site. The ACS Core 400 allowed us extra crane time and it was great to never have to remove and store the core formwork. We also liked the ability to pour the core on the same day as the slab, which allowed us to start erecting the SKYDECK while pouring columns. Overall, the PERI systems made for a very easy, stress-free, floor-a-week schedule.

PERI solution

Elite Formwork turned to PERI to provide safe cost effective solutions to aid in the construction of the two towers.

SKYDECK, using the Safe Strike Drophead system, was used to form the suspended slabs.  Working with

SKYDECK results in safe forming operations; it can be installed from below and it is easy for one person to handle the lightweight system components, reducing worker fatigue. These features result in fast assembly and disassembly times. The SKYDECK system is structurally optimized to minimize the number of props, with each prop supporting an area of 3.45 m².

Early striking was possible with the Safe Strike Drophead; panels and main beams are removed early and made available for the next concrete pour, further minimizing and optimizing SKYDECK material on-site.  Panels and beams are cycled, while the MULTIPROPS and Dropheads remain in place as re-shoring.

Elite used the PERI RCS-P screen protection system.  With this system, slab edges on the upper floors and two levels below are completely enclosed, providing site personnel with fall protection at all times during forming set up, reinforcement placement and concreting.

The lightweight RCS Slab and Climbing Shoes are connected to anchors previously set in the slab and wall.  Once panels are assembled at ground level, the crane lifts the complete units into the shoes.  By using a combination of long RCS climbing rails and 3 levels of shoes, the protection panel system remains securely fixed to the building even during climbing, ensuring a safe working environment at all times.

The RCS-P climbs independently without the use of the crane, freeing up the crane to be used elsewhere on the job site.  Hydraulic cylinders are used to climb the panel units to the next level with the push of a lever.  Once the RCS-P system climbs to the next level, anchors are recovered from below to be re-used, resulting in further cost savings.

Outrigger platforms were integrated with the RCS-P climbing units to provide a landing platform where material could be placed by crane for easy retrieval by personnel at each concreting level.

PERI’s new ACS Core 400 system, designed specifically for large cores in high-rise structures,  was used in combination with VARIO GT24 wall formwork to cast the core walls on both towers.  The interior formwork is struck using wedge striking elements which shrink the interior core by 40 mm, as the exterior wall formwork rolls on the systems overhead gallows, retracting away from the concrete in preparation for climbing the system to the level above.

The ACS Core 400 system climbs independently of the crane, using hydraulic cylinders that lift the complete core formwork and working platforms, further optimizing the crane usage on-site.  This also included a large concrete placing boom which can be mounted to the system, without the need of additional bracing.