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The Carrington Suites

Project data

Location: Bedford, Canada



This project required an aggressive schedule in order to complete the tower in 10 months.

PERI Formwork Systems team collaborated closely with Harbour Foundations, the forming subcontractor, to define the project requirements and identify a formwork concept that would enable the new structure to be completed by the beginning of 2022.


Harbour Foundations

Customer's benefit

  • Safe and lightweight systems save labour time and increase productivity on site


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Murray Melbourne
Senior Site Supervisor, Harbour Foundations

“The PERI SKYTABLE is second to none, with its ease of assembly and speed at which you can achieve your slab cycles."

PERI solution

For the parking levels, the SKYDECK panelized slab system was used as it provided a lightweight system that could be shuttered efficiently and safely by hand. Assembling the system is simple, as it doesn’t need a detailed layout; the predetermined prop spacing of 1.50 m by 2.25 m requires minimal site planning. The Prophead SSK self-locking feature simplifies the attachment of the Propheads to the MULTIPROP Props, making their setup quick and simple. Furthermore, the repetitive assembly procedure associated with the SKYDECK system speeds up shuttering, even when workers are inexperienced.

For the forming of the 17,100 square metres (184,000 square feet) of typical slab, the SKYTABLE Slab System is being used. The choice of SKYTABLE was based on its ability to accommodate large (up to 150 m2) tables. When compared to more traditional slab table systems, bigger tables move larger areas of formwork simultaneously, requiring less crane time. With the SKYTABLE system, the customer did not have to dismantle and erect a system on each level, which resulted in quick cycles and accelerated pour schedules.

The MAXIMO Wall Formwork System was chosen for the vertical elements of the project. PERI supplied a total of 150 square metres (1,600 square feet) of foundation, shear, and core wall formwork. The MAXIMO system has been supplied in combination with the CB240 Climbing System. Climbing units were created by mounting the wall formwork on the CB 240, which includes an integral formwork carriage, with strongbacks and adjustable spindles.  The combination allows the exterior shear walls to be formed from a safe working platform, and it provides storage for the wall formwork; the 5.00 m wide units are easily lifted, from one floor to the next, with a single crane lift. By climbing the CB240 and MAXIMO panels as a single unit, Harbour Foundations is able to meet the tight work schedule by achieving faster pouring cycles.