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Maestria Condominiums

Project data

Location: Montreal, Canada

Downtown Montreal is being transformed as the tallest twin buildings in Canada take shape. The Maestria Condominiums are two nearly identical buildings, 55 and 58 stories tall, connected by the highest suspended skybridge ever built in Quebec.



Both towers require unique solutions in order to be completed on schedule. Synergy Formwork was awarded the project and wanted to apply the same systems and approach, that contributed to their success on their 1111 Atwater project, to these new buildings.


Coffrages Synergy Formwork

Customer's benefit

  • maximum safety and efficient workflows
  • unaffected by wind and weather

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Adam Morin

“Due to these innovative systems, it is easily stated that Synergy’s formwork operations are executed in a quick and methodical way, all the while respecting the established productivity standards and the health and safety requirements. These two systems have transformed our working method, much to the satisfaction of our clients.“

PERI solution

Synergy decided to use PERI’s Self-Climbing ACS Core 400 (C400) for both towers to streamline and automate the construction of the elevator cores. With the help of high-capacity hydraulic cylinders, 160 tons of equipment, including MAXIMO wall formwork and the concrete placing boom, can move from one floor to another without the use of the tower crane. This significantly simplifies and accelerates the construction process.

An RCS-P protection enclosure was installed around each building to increase job site safety. The enclosure cantilevers 7.5 m above the top slab, covering 2.5 floors above and 1.5 floors below. In addition to preventing loose equipment or debris from falling off a building, the system protects workers from harsh wind and weather issues associated with high-rise construction. In addition to ensuring the safety of the workers and the public, the RCS system provides an area for material storage and for worker access to the building exterior; the enclosure system incudes working platforms around the perimeter of the slab. The psychological benefits of an enclosure and safe access around the edge of the slab result in high worker productivity.  They can more easily work with loose formwork systems, such as SKYDECK, right up to the edge of the building.
The RCS-P enclosure provides an opportunity for advertising.  The towers are easily identifiable and provide a powerful branding opportunity for the developer, the project, and the formwork contractor. 

When the towers are complete, they will undoubtedly add a captivating element to the city's skyline.

Through the combined use of PERI's ACS-C400, RCS-P, SKYDECK, and MAXIMO systems, Synergy has been able to achieve a 4-day cycle for each floor.