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Distrikt Trailside 2.0

Project data

Location: Oakville, Canada

Distrikt Trailside 2.0 is a master-planned community in Oakville, Ontario, consisting of five towers, two of ten levels, three of five levels and underground parking.



MAXIMO was the wall formwork system of choice for all the vertical elements of the project. With MAXIMO, panels can be ganged together using a small number of accessories and moved using the MAXIMO Lifting Hooks which have a load-bearing capacity of up to 1.5 tons. As a result, large panel units can be moved quickly and cost-effectively in just one crane lift.

Considering the tight project schedule, Cronin Contracting decided to use PERI SKYTABLE for the slab formwork of the five-building tower for the first time.


Cronin Contracting

Customer's benefit

  • Project-related planned slab table with areas of up to 150 m²
  • 4-pick point lifting method for the horizontal moving of slab tables from a safe position
  • Minimum crane times

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Darrel Cronin (center)

“Being a first time SKYTABLE user, the assembly, striking and flying of the tables is much easier than we are used to. The entire process has gone extremely well.”

PERI solution

SKYTABLE was chosen due to the system’s ability to accommodate large table sizes (up to 150 m²). Larger tables, in comparison with more traditional slab table systems, result in larger areas of formwork being lifted at one time.

SKYTABLE components including truss and shoring posts are connected on the ground using a simple pin connection and moved into position with a single crane lift. PERI designed the SKYTABLE to work on all five tower structures. This maximized the re-use of the SKYTABLE system and saved labour.

With the use of the SKYTABLE Lifting Clamp, the tables are flown horizontally using a 4-pick point lifting method. PERI‘s unique method of flying the SKYTABLE is safer and involves the most efficient use of crane time. The tables always remain connected to the crane while inside the building, and workers remain in a secure position as the tables are effortlessly lifted and cycled between towers.