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1111 Atwater

Project data

Location: Montréal, Canada



This project required an aggressive schedule in order to complete the tower for early occupancy.

Well before construction started, Synergy and PERI developed a construction plan for the building that would utilize the new ACS-C400 climbing system for the elevator core, as well as the RCS protection system to enclose the perimeter.


Coffrages Synergy

Customer's benefit

  • Achieve rapid production rates
  • Increase onsite safety


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Vladimir Juillet
General Superintendent

The ACS 400 core allowed us to take the shafts out of the critical path in our 4-day cycle for each floor. With a single operation, both the ACS and the placing boom climb together, saving us precious crane time. RCS protection increases our productivity with SKYDECK and allows us to work safely and efficiently regardless of the wind conditions. Finally, both systems help us raise the bar in terms of health and safety.

PERI solution

The ACS-C400 system was selected because it allows the elevator core of the building to be formed as fast as possible. It climbs independently, without using the crane, by way of integrated hydraulics. The ACS-C400 is also being used to support the site’s placing boom, eliminating the need to make openings in the slabs for mounting and climbing the placing boom in the traditional fashion.

To help protect both the public around the site from falling debris and workers from falls and adverse weather conditions, the RCS protection system was selected to enclose the upper working floors of the tower. The system was chosen in order to simultaneously enhance safety and increase productivity. The RCS system is also being used to store the MAXIMO shear wall formwork, within the enclosure, at the top of the building. This approach eliminates the need for the crane to fly the formwork down to the ground while work progresses on the slabs. Integrated outrigger platforms were incorporated in the RCS design to house a site office and so that material could be cycled from lower floors; the integrated platforms and RCS panels are raised using mobile hydraulics.

By using the ACS-C400 system for the core and RCS protection system around the exterior, Synergy is achieving a 4-day cycle for the typical levels. They are meeting their productivity goals while taking safety to another level.