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RCMP E-Division Headquarters, B.C.

Project data

Location: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

The new $966 million RCMP head quarters building is on a 14-hectare site in Surrey B.C. The principal building on the site is the Operations Administration Building which is 7 storeys high, and contains a total floor area of 65,017 square meters.


Syber concrete forming has used 80 SKYTABLEs to achieve construction of 4,650 square meters of 4.00 m high slabs per week.SKYTABLE allows concreting large area slabs with only one crane pick. The largest table on this site is 5.70 m wide and 22.40 m long.   


Syber Concrete Forming Ltd.

Steve Beaton
Construction Manager

With the PERI SKYTABLE we are able to pour 50,000 Sq. ft of slab a week. The guys on site like to work with the system, because it’s not heavy and is easy to use. The flying process is safe and fast. Using PERI on a proposed six months job we are going to save a lot of time and will finish two month earlier.

PERI solution

The tables were designed to weigh less than 6,000 kg to conform to the crane capacity.