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Maranatha Gardens

Project data

Location: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Currently approaching the final stages of construction in South Burlington, Ontario, is the 148-unit Maranatha Gardens senior’s apartment building. Once operational, the complex will offer senior assisted living services and continued care in one location. 


Able Concrete used a wide range of PERI systems to form the structural columns, cores, walls and slabs.


Able Concrete

Paul Henhoeffer - President/Owner (R), Bryan Cher - General Manager (L)

We have used PERI since 2002 and have owned TRIO and SKYDECK since 2013. This project provided many forming challenges including single sided walls and multi directional sloping slabs. TRIO combined with SB Brace Frames provided a fast and effective solution for single sided walls. SKYDECK with MULTIPROP system was perfect for our sloping slabs. The slabs were formed quickly and produced an excellent final product.

PERI solution

QUATTRO Column forms were chosen for their ability to form various columns sizes (from 200x200 mm to 600x600 mm) and their ability to be lifted as a complete unit. Column units were cycled around the construction site with a single crane lift.

For the underground single sided wall applications, SB Brace Frames were used to support the TRIO wall form panels.  By connecting multiple sets of 2.4 m wide TRIO panels with SB Brace Frames as units, larger wall areas were shuttered faster. This also allowed for complete units to be cycled with a single crane lift.

In addition, the TRIO equipment was used on various structural elements, including the foundation level elevator cores, stair cores, and various double sided foundation walls.

Further increasing utilization of rental material on the jobsite, a simple change of connection for the SB Brace Frames allowed the system to be used in conjunction with RUNDFLEX to form a single sided curved wall.

At the first suspended slab, the SKYDECK shoring system with PEP Ergo props was utilized for shoring. The low-weight system components minimized fatigue during shuttering and striking, allowing everyday forming operations to be carried out quickly and safely.  Furthermore, SKYDECK panels are automatically secured onto the SLT Main Beams “fixing teeth”, eliminating the possibility of panels shifting and falling out of place.  In addition, the PEP Ergo props were also used to provide a cost effective re-shoring solution; due to the SLT Main Beam dimensions, one slab prop supports a field size up to 3.45m², further optimising the usage of the props.  For the ground floor transfer slab, which featured thick slabs and deep beams, used a combination of SKYDECK, GT24 Girders, and used the higher load carrying MULTIPROPS.