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Rogers Food Chilliwack

Project data

Location: Chilliwack, B.C., Canada

To meet a growing demand to supply high quality flour products, one of the larger milling companies in Canada, Rogers Foods, decided to move forward with a plan to construct an additional flour milling unit at its Chilliwack BC facility.  With this expansion, Rogers Foods will increase its milling capacity by more than 80%, significantly increasing production.


Safety conditions were a major concern as the silo structure required 5.4 m high walls and columns to be poured at heights. Stemmer Construction Ltd. awarded PERI the formwork contract to provide a safe engineered solution.



Stemmer Construction Ltd., Salmon Arm, B.C.

Customer's benefit

  • PERI UP Scaffold Towers allowed access to the various platform levels.
  • PERI's TRIO, CB240 brackets, CB 240 carriage and trailing platform created a single climbing unit.


Wolfram Stemmer
Stemmer Construction Ltd.

This project presented some difficult challenges when it came to pouring high walls with no slabs to support the formwork.  The PERI climbing system CB240 platforms, with the Rollback Carriage allowed us to create a safe, efficient system to pour large walls that otherwise may have caused safety issues.  This gave everyone on-site peace of mind and harbored an overall better work attitude on the job site, which in turn allowed us to save precious crane time by Climbing CB240 and TRIO panels as a single unit.  For our company, PERI Formwork Systems goes hand in hand with safety, efficiency and productivity, resulting in faster pouring cycles and saving time on our schedule.

PERI solution

In order to provide safe working conditions around both the interior and exterior of the silo structure, as well as the means to form the structure walls, climbing units were created by combining PERI’s TRIO wall formwork with its Climbing System CB240, complete with a formwork carriage.  The large 5.0 m wide platforms were easily lifted using a single crane lift.

The working platform of the Climbing System CB240 is created using the CB240 Climbing Brackets.  The wall formwork is then mounted on the platform using the Carriage CB 240, strong backs and adjustable spindles. The carriage provides an easy way to move the TRIO wall formwork forwards or backwards. When fully retracted, there is 750 mm of safe working space in behind the formwork.

An additional feature of the Climbing System CB240 is the option to incorporate a finishing platform below the working platform.  The finishing platform allowed crews to retrieve re-usable anchor components and to finish the concrete face.  The exterior wall face of the silo required a high quality concrete finish, so an additional layer of plywood was mounted on the TRIO panels; the inside wall face used the standard TRIO FormPly.

Columns, which had to be poured in two lifts, were cast in place using the QUATTRO Column System. PERI UP scaffolding was erected around the columns to provide a safe working platform for site personnel and to support the formwork for the second pour.  PERI UP stair towers provided access to the platform levels.  The QUATTRO column forms were lifted in place for the pour above as a complete unit with one crane lift.