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One Heron Hill Way

Project data

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

One Heron’s Hill Way is the latest office development in a growing Toronto area business park. The new office building will offer modern outdoor landscaping designs and an accessible green roof.



Construction of the steel structure required three cast-in-place elevator and stairwell cores. Lock Wall Forming used the MAXIMO system through-out the project to form the foundation walls and structural cores.


Lock Wall Forming Ltd.

Customer's benefit

  • MAXIMO tie assembly sequence requires only one person - reducing labor costs.
Derek Coote
Site Foreman

The simplicity of the system is great, especially the MX Anchor Tie and Shaft elements. As a result, erection and striking can be carried out very quickly.  On this project the PERI technical team were superb; drawings were easy to follow and the site support service meant we had a good understanding of the system right from the start.

PERI solution

The MAXIMO tie assembly sequence only requires one person to set wingnuts and ties. The MX wingnuts on one side of the formwork remain fixed to the panels during cycling; in addition, spacer tubes and cones are not required in order to retrieve and re use the tie rods.  All combined, this reduces working steps and labor costs when compared to traditional tie systems.

Complete core units were created through the use of the MXSE Shaft Corner. This novel development provided quick shuttering and striking, as well as safe handling of the MAXIMO core as a single unit. Shuttering and striking require few working steps; the striking mechanism in the MXSE Corner is lowered with a lever (crow bar) to shutter the inside formwork as a unit, and the operation is reversed in order to strike the unit. Striking results in a 35 mm clearance on each side of the inside formwork, allowing it to be picked as a complete unit and positioned for the next pour.

The Folding Platform FB 180 system was used to provide a working platform around the exterior of the core, eliminating the need to build scaffolding platforms. Besides providing a safe working area, further labour savings were realized as the FB180 platforms were delivered to site preassembled, complete with guardrails.

PERI systems in use