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MacEwan Centre of Arts and Culture

Project data

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

 For large areas of the slab, SKYTABLE is proving to be the ideal solution. For higher pours, a combination of MULTIPROP MP480 props and MP50 bases support the trusses in order to achieve a shoring height of 5m. At upper levels, requiring shorter props, the MP50 base is removed without the need to swap out and replace each prop on the table.


Because of the lifting mechanism used, the SKYTABLE does not require workers to be at the edge of the structure or on the table when flying; the table does not need to be ‘pinched’ between slabs and it stays level throughout the moving process.

In the recital hall, theatre and stage areas, the shoring is required to reach a height of approximately 18m. In these locations, the PERI UP Scaffolding system is used to support decking incorporating the MPB Aluminum Beam as main beams and the GT24 Girder as secondary beams. Large cantilevered beams are being built in some areas of the structure; to accommodate these, RCS Rails are used to minimize deflection of the cantilevered section of the beam.


Clark Builders Ltd.

Graham Erickson
Concrete Superintendent

Because of using PERI UP we have been able to strip the areas twice as fast as we had scheduled.

PERI solution

SKYTABLE  Tableforms