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The Sapperton

Project data

Location: New Wesminister, B.C, Canada

The Sapperton condominium development is the first phase of seven planned towers in the Westminster Brewery District. 


Jonet Construction Ltd. relied on PERI to provide a variety of slab formwork solutions, as well as a safe and cost effective shoring solution for a challenging cantilevered roof slab pour.


Jonet Construction Ltd., Abbotsford, B.C.

Customer's benefit

  • PERI's VARIOKIT system provided the support for MULTIPROP Shoring Towers. MULTIPROP Shoring Towers ranged in height from 6.00 m up to 12.50 m.
  • PERI's VARIOKIT engineered trusses were assembled on site, using RCS Climbing Rails, Heavy Duty Spindles and GT 24 Girders which eliminated the purchase of costly steel beams.
Dave Penner
Owner of Jonet Construction Ltd.

We liked the idea of getting a more cost effective solution for the task of shoring the roof slab over a main traffic route.

PERI solution

The SKYDECK system was used for forming of the parkade level slabs. The lightweight system components allowed for quick shuttering of large areas.  The flexibility of the system meant that it can be used to form closely around, the angled foundation walls and various offset columns, minimizing the amount of infills needed.  The integrated plywood in the SKYDECK panels eliminated the need to purchase forming plywood.

The SKYTABLE system provided the formwork for the typical levels above ground. SKYTABLES, having an individual area of up to 150 m², were designed to form around a variety of shaped columns and shear walls. Individual tables were lifted in a single crane lift to the level above for use on the next slab, without the need of modifications.

The roof slab posed significant challenges for the contractor.  These large slabs cantilevered outside the building, so there were no slabs below for support.  The VARIOKIT system is used to engineer custom solutions that use a mix of rentable components.  In this case, the solution eliminated the cost associated with expensive steel beams, the traditional method used for shoring support in similar applications.  The VARIOKIT truss-type solution utilized heavy duty components such as RCS Climbing Rails for the top and bottom chord, and Heavy Duty Spindles for the webs.

VARIOKIT is delivered to site as loose individual components, complete with detailed assembly instructions.  Carpenters were able to safely and quickly assemble the trusses at ground level.  The completed trusses were then lifted and positioned by crane, and fixed in place to slab levels below using set anchors.  The trusses were connected together with scaffolding tubes.  GT24 Girders were used to create planked working platforms which also prevented debris falling onto traffic below.

MULTIPROP shoring towers, up to 12.5 m in height, were assembled on the truss platform and used to shore the roof slab. PERI’s MPB Aluminium Beams, spanning between the MULTIPROP shoring towers, allowed for a larger spacing of the towers, optimizing the use of rental equipment on site.