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16 Mile Creek Bridge

Project data

Location: Oakville, Ontario, Canada

The current phase of Dundas street expansion in Oakville Ontario began in March 2009 and is expected to be completed by August 2011. The project includes replacing existing north bridge across the Sixteen Mile Creek.
The new bridge includes 4 concrete piers with a maximum height of 32 metre. Piers have a constant thickness of 2.5m but their width flares out from 9.5m up to 18.3m. Inside each pier there are two hollow shafts 1.25m x 3.75m extending from bottom of pier to the hammer head. Piers are required to have architectural concrete finish.


The PERI climbing scaffold systems CB 240 together with VARIO GT24 wall formwork provide the solution for construction of piers. The 2.4 metre wide concreting platform deck provides ample space for workers without any tripping hazards. End-to-end guardrails are attached to platform providing a safe work environment. The climbing scaffold is firmly connected to VARIO GT24 wall formwork. A finishing platform provides access, below the concreting platform.
VARIO GT24’s plywood face enables creating the desired architectural concrete finish. To create the desired surface effect rubber elements are easily screwed to the plywood surface. 

To create the two 1.25m x 3.75m voids inside the piers TRIO shaft elements provide the forming solution. When crane is lifting the TRIO shaft, the four shaft elements cause the inner formwork to reduce in width by 60 mm. This provides enough clearance to remove the shaft formwork as a complete unit.  PERI UP Stairs provide access from ground to the pour level. PERI UP site stair towers can provide access up to a height in excess of 90 m. The assembled complete stair units can be moved by crane.


Dufferin Construction, Oakville, Ontario

Jaroslaw Wargala
Project Engineer

PERI engineers worked with us to design the perfect formwork and scaffolding solution for this project. As a result we managed to complete each 6 metre high vertical pour of piers in only ten days. Overall the formwork operation went very well in this project.

PERI solution

The PERI CB 240 climbing scaffold systems together with VARIO GT 24 wall formwork provide the solution for construction of piers. PERI UP Stairs provide access from ground to the pour level.