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PERI Brochures

You will find download links for all of our current brochures below, allowing you to view them on computers and mobile devices. You can also print them if required.

If you'd prefer to order physical copies of our brochures, please contact us.


PERI Handbook  |   PDF download


Wall Formwork

DOMINO  |   PDF download

DUO  |   PDF download

GRV Circular Formwork  |   PDF download

MAXIMO  |   PDF download

MAXIMO Bracket System MXK |   PDF download

RUNDFLEX  |   PDF download

SB Brace Frame  |   PDF download

TRIO  |   PDF download

VARIO GT 24  |   PDF download

RS Push-Pull Props  |   PDF download

Slab Formwork

MULTIFLEX  |   PDF download

SKYDECK  |   PDF download

SKYTABLE  |   PDF download

Column Formwork

LICO  |   PDF download

QUATTRO  |   PDF download

RAPID  |   PDF download

TRIO  |   PDF download

VARIO GT 24  |   PDF download

Climbing Systems

Climbing Systems CB 240 and CB 160  |   PDF download

FB 180 Folding Platform Systems  |   PDF download

RCS Rail Climbing System  |   PDF download

SCS Climbing System  |   PDF download

Civil Engineering

VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit  |   PDF download


Tie Technology SK, DK  |   PDF download

RS Push-Pull Props  |   PDF download

GT 24 Formwork Girder  |   PDF download

VT 20K Formwork Girder  |   PDF download

PROKIT EP 110  |   PDF download

PROKIT EP 200  |   PDF download



Plywood   |   PDF download


Working Scaffolds

PERI UP Rosett Flex (Industrial working scaffold)  |   PDF download


HD 200 Heavy-Duty Prop  |   PDF download

MULTIPROP  |   PDF download

PEP Ergo Slab Props  |   PDF download

PERI UP Heavy-Duty Prop  |   PDF download


PERI UP Access Technology  |   PDF download

Services and Software


Cleaning and Repair Service  |   PDF download

Formwork Assembly  |   PDF download

Software, Apps and Tools

myPERI  |   trial version

PERI CAD  |   trial version